The Blue World City is near Rawalpindi’s Chakri Road. The Blue Group of enterprises took the initiative to offer the most economical pricing with instalments. It is the first and only housing project in which Chinese have invested and assisted in the building. It is growing increasingly popular as a result of its amenities and characteristics.

Blue World City Islamabad 5 Marla Plot Price Companies in the Blue Group

This city is located outside of the hustle and bustle of the main city. It’s near the Chakri Interchange, on the main Chakri road. This housing estate is conveniently located between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is also close to Islamabad’s new international airport.

Blue World City Islamabad 5 Marla Plot Price Developers & Owners:

It is the latest home project by Saad Nazir, the owner of the Blue Group of enterprises. They had previously worked in housing cooperatives such as the P.I.A. Society. The Blue Group of Companies has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Chinese firm for its development and construction.

Blue World City Islamabad 5 Marla Plot Price Blue World City's Master Plan

Blue World City’s well-structured/beautifully designed/architected and community-oriented master plan was developed by very expert/renowned/well-reputed Urban Development experts according to the latest trends and principles of Urban Town planning and has been designed to cater to all of the gated communities’ basic and advanced needs.

Blue World City’s master plan is divided into six blocks, including two abroad blocks, two general block extensions, a premium block for future growth, and a distinctive Awami block aimed at assisting low-wage workers and giving them the opportunity to realise their dream of owning a home.

Blue World City is committed to creating a healthy society and an environmentally sustainable environment. To help promote this cause, the master design incorporates large park spaces that may be used as both leisure and entertainment areas.

blue world city islamabad 5 marla plot price

What is the location of Blue World City? Blue World City Islamabad 5 Marla Plot Price

The Blue World City arose from the moza village of Sehal, a well-known suburban neighbourhood recognised for its lush greenery and healthy climate.

Roads that are wider and carpeted

Everything in Blue World City is large, from the creativity to the size to the facilitation.
Blue World City will have 120-foot-wide main Boulevards, 80-foot-wide main highways, and 40-foot-wide streets, all of which will connect all aspects of society to one another. Have the convenience of not having to deal with overcrowding on tight and winding roadways.

Plot Dimensions

Blue World City has already purchased a valuable plot of land covering approximately 5000 kanals. All of this land will be subdivided into blocks, and charting will take place after that.

Plot bifurcation is a phenomenon that occurs when plots split in two.
The following are the sizes available for residential, commercial, and farmhouses:

Residential plots of 05, 08, and 10 marlas as well as 1 and 2 kanals are available.

04 and 08 Kanal Farmhouses

05 and 07 Marla Commercial Plots

Blocks 07, 10, and 14 Marla and 1 and 2 Kanals in Overseas

Blue-World-City-map Blue World City Islamabad 5 Marla Plot Price

blue world city islamabad payment plan 2020

N.O.C. Blue World City Blue World City Islamabad 5 Marla Plot Price

blue world city overseas block rates

Blue World City's Highlights include: Blue World City Islamabad 5 Marla Plot Price

This blue world housing society is the most cost-effective housing society to suit people’s current housing and living needs. This project is being implemented in accordance with international standards and infrastructure to meet the needs of Chinese citizens in Pakistan. Residents of this society would have access to amenities that have never been available in any other Pakistani housing society.

Water, gas, and electricity are all available.
Commercial hubs, schools, and colleges in Turkey have replicas of the Blue Mosque.
Pakistan’s largest water theme park, a gated community with a 24/7 security sector, and Jamia mosques
A large network of carpeted roadways is available.
Electric Power Plant for Public Transportation
Electricity from Below
Complex of sports and culture
Water Filtration Plant Sewerage Treatment Plant
Lake and Oxygen Park
Imax 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3
Club d’aventure
Water pools and spa clubs are available in the Safari Zoo.
Hospital with 40 beds in a police station

Payment Plan for Blue World City Blue World City Islamabad 5 Marla Plot Price

Blue World City Islamabad society is offering 5, 8, 10, 20 & 40 Marla Residential Plots and 4 & 8 Kanal Farmhouse Land along with 5 & 8 Marla Commercial Plots on 4 years easy instalment plan with 10 percent down payment as booking and remaining 90 percent on easy installment.

Plots for Homes Blue World City Islamabad 5 Marla Plot Price

B.W.C. has a variety of housing options for government employees and the general public. Residential plots of 2 kanal, 1 kanal, 10 Marla, 8 Marla, and 5 Marla are available.

blue world city price list 2021

Houses on the Farm Blue World City Islamabad 5 Marla Plot Price

Farmhouses in the blue world metropolis are a top real estate icon in the city. Booking a farmhouse plot means you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the nature while still having solitude and great views. Other locations and property offers are difficult to compete with this one.

lue world city 7 marla overseas payment plan

Blockade of Overseas Blue World City Islamabad 5 Marla Plot Price

Blue World City has a special Overseas Block for Pakistanis living abroad. The Overseas Block is designed specifically for Pakistanis living abroad who want to enjoy modern conveniences while remaining safe.

blue world city owner name

Master Plan for Overseas Blocks Blue World City Islamabad 5 Marla Plot Price

Blue World City has finally revealed the location of its long-awaited abroad block. The overseas block has lavish amenities that make it an ideal residential choice and destination, while paying attention to all of the fundamental necessities needed for a pleasant living. To meet the special needs of the residents, an entertainment area has been set aside for them so that they can enjoy their nights.

A mini golf club is also located in the Overseas block, which receives a lot of attention from golf enthusiasts. A big area has also been set aside for the country club, which is located next to a blue lush lake, creating a tranquil and attractive landscape. The museum and the University are two more fantastic features.

All of these characteristics make the Blue World City overseas block a popular destination that is expected to become the new face of real estate for Pakistanis living abroad.

blue world city islamabad map

Facilities and distinguishing characteristics of the international block

Premium is an acquired taste, and once you’ve decided to go with it, you’ve raised the bar. Blue World City Islamabad’s abroad block was built to modern standards to ensure that investors have access to the same living standards as those found in other parts of the world.

The following are some of the unique features:

CCTV surveillance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
-Gated Community -E-Tag System
-Only a short distance from M
-2 Highway
-Guest Waiting Area -Proximity to New Islamabad Airport
Ambulance service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
-Mosques -Overseas Lagoon Club
-Jogging Tracks & Parks
-Playground & Miniature Golf Course
-Blue Mart Department Store -Green Service Area -Blue Mart Department Store -Blue Mart Department Store -Blue Mart Department Store –

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