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Build your own home at Graceland Housing, where you may be in the middle of nature while yet being linked to the rest of the world. Enjoy your life in the New Islamabad international airport’s new economic growth zone. All of Islamabad’s major landmarks are within easy walking distance.

Graceland Home Islamabad is a fantastic housing development near the New Islamabad International Airport on Fateh Jang Road. Every person’s ambition is to own a home on a beautiful and serene piece of property, and Graceland Housing makes that dream a reality by allowing house owners to take use of all neighboring amenities at a very reasonable price. Visitors are drawn to the area because of its modernization and unique characteristics.

Valley Block of Graceland Housing

Special Offers at Valley Block
On a 40% down payment, you can save 5%.
Get a 10% discount on a lump sum payment.

Block Payment Plan for the Valley

PLOT SIZE3.5 MARLA (20*40)5 MARLA (25*50)
Confirmation (with-in 30 days)75,000100,000
30 Monthly Installments15,00025,000
5 Half Yearly Installments134,000169,000
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Charges for Valley Block's Prime Location

10% Plot in the Corner
5% of the population lives near a park.
15 percent Corner & Park Facing
Fees: Rs. 2500 for 3.5 marla plots and Rs. 4000 for 5 marla plots

Housing Sectors and Plans in Graceland

There are various sectors:
Types of Homes in Graceland Housing Ultimate Deluxe Sector A Sector B Sector C Sector D Sector E

Ultimate and Deluxe 5 Marla Homes
These homes feature three appealing bedrooms, four attached washrooms, a powder room, kitchen, and living, as well as an open automobile porch. These residences also have a double door entrance.

Ultimate and Deluxe 8 Marla Homes
There are four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and one power room in this house. The 8 Marla house has a drawing room, dining kitchen, two lounges, and an open vehicle porch.

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Graceland Housing Islamabad Payment Plan

5 Marla3 Bed, 3 Bath, Drawing, Dining, Kitchen, 2 Lounge, CarporchDeluxe2,1499,383,0342,814,910364,896
8 Marla4 Bed, 5 Bath, Drawing, Dining, Kitchen, 2 Lounge, CarporchDeluxe2,75911,516,5943,454,978447,868
8 Marla4 Bed, 5 Bath, Drawing, Dining, Kitchen, 2 Lounge, CarporchUltimate2,75912,741,5903,822,477495,506
9.3 Marla4 Bed, 5 Bath, Drawing, Dining, Kitchen, 2 Lounge, CarporchDeluxe3,04813,947,6303,486,908290,576
9.3 Marla4 Bed, 5 Bath, Drawing, Dining, Kitchen, 2 Lounge, CarporchUltimate3,04815,501,1123,875,278

Sector A & B Plots Size and Payment Plans

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Features of a Smart City

This society provides international community standards such as:

For the first time in history, a smart city has built its entire infrastructure from the ground up.
Any future technology or devices will be supported by this infrastructure.
Every home has an Optical Network Terminal (ONT).
Cabinets on the street
Surveillance cameras
Smart metering in the WiFi Zone
Detecting flaws
A state-of-the-art in urban planning.
Electricity network beneath the ground
120′, 110′, 100′, 80′, 60′, 50′, and 40′ wide carpeted road network
Children’s playgrounds
The hotel, mosque, sports clubs, hospitals, schools, market, and parks as playgrounds are all available to society’s residents.
The housing in Graceland is lush with vegetation.
The environment is filled with fresh air, and the development design is gorgeous, adding to the appeal of Greenland Housing Islamabad.
With the privacy and security that comes with owning a property in a gated community, you have a security system.
Extensive horticultural and plantation work in green belts and along roadsides.
Each block has gardens, green spaces, and play areas.
Commercial districts are designed according to international standards, with plenty of parking.

Harvesting Rainwater

Channelized Pipe Drain Brick Masonry Drain Big Stone Masonry Drain is used for all drainage in Graceland Housing.
They will all be collecting water, which will be transformed into a lake/reservoir at some point.

A filtration plant would be built on the Reservoir, and the purified water would be pumped back into underground tanks. Residential Accommodations
Graceland Housing Islamabad project construction will offer a variety of amenities to its customers, including

Roads that are carpeted
All major boulevards and internal highways have underground electricity footpaths.
Sui Gas Sewerage System, including a Sewage Treatment Plant
With overhead and subsurface water tanks, a water supply system is in place.
Fiber optic Internet system with its own stormwater and drainage system
They also provide cutting-edge technological conveniences and services.
This project has been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and has met all of the legal requirements for a housing project, such as No Objection Certificates (NOCs) and government agency approvals.

graceland housing

Benefits for Investors

Pakistanis living abroad should put their money into the country’s capital. Because new societies in the capital city are providing services that meet their needs.
The new China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) highway network, which will be completed in 2-3 years, should be considered by potential investors as a good site to travel throughout Pakistan.
Islamabad’s sector, which is overseen by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), is also expanding, and Graceland Housing is following suit. Another cause is this. Graceland Housing is a fantastic option for your new dream house.

Graceland Housing is open to the public. Islamabad
These highways provide easy access to Graceland Housing:
The metro route makes it easy to get there.
The Lahore Islamabad Peshawar motorway is 6 kilometers distant.
The New Islamabad Airport is 6 minutes away, and the Pakistan Monument is 20 minutes away.
Centaurus Mall is a 25-minute drive away.
Faisal Mosque is a 25-minute drive away.
Rawal la is 35 minutes away by car.

Construction & Development Progress

Center Road West (60′ Wide) is undergoing an asphalt treatment.
All important roads and streets are undergoing an asphalt procedure.
The asphalting process on the Central Roundabout (100′ wide) has begun.
Housing in Graceland – A 100-foot-wide road is being built around the central roundabout of the main commercial district.
Fast-paced evolution At the Graceland Housing project site, work on the remaining portion of the main commercial area is underway.
The Independent Stormwater and Drainage System is currently being built.
Sunset-Boulevard (80′) and an Independent Storm Water and Drainage System are now being built.
The machinery for the construction of Sun Set Boulevard is in full swing.


Graceland Housing’s Economic Growth

Graceland Housing is a great housing society because of its exceptional location, where land values are increasing every day. The number of buyers is increasing. Profits are increasing and are expected to quadruple in the following five years.

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