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A high-end luxury project on Islamabad’s prominent Chakri Road. It is equipped with modern living amenities and adheres to worldwide living and architectural standards. Living in this community is like living in a dream because it provides all of the basic and exquisite amenities to its members, and if you’re seeking for an investment, you’ve come to the correct location.

The mega project is Pakistan’s first eco-sustainable smart city construction, with the goal of raising people’s living conditions. Exclusiveness, a sophisticated lifestyle, and excellent infrastructure are all part of the concept. The most effective properties will be offered here for investors and buyers to gain significant rewards in the near future. In an eco-friendly and convenient atmosphere, ideal living is assured.

Here are some specifics on the smart housing venture’s location, features, types of houses, farms, and payment plan, as well as other information that may help you decide if this is a good investment option for you.

Map of the Area
When it comes to living or doing business, location is always key. People are always looking for the ideal place to live that has all of life’s fundamental and modern amenities. MIVIDA City is situated in Islamabad’s most desirable neighbourhood. It is located on Chakri Road and is surrounded by all amenities, including retail malls, stores, colleges, and universities.

This housing estate is adjacent to the new Islamabad International Airport. This location is also connected to a number of significant routes, including the M-2 Motorway. The Rawalpindi Ring Road is also only a few minutes away, but the area’s strong connectivity makes it a perfect site to live and invest. One may say that

The project is still in its early stages of development, thus all of the properties for sale are reasonably priced. People can readily invest in the property of their choice to guarantee their present and future. Midiva is generating a lot of interest right now, and investors see it as a lucrative investment prospect.

Plan of Payment
This massive development offers a plethora of residential and investment opportunities. This organisation offers a variety of residential site sizes for sale, all at a very reasonable price. This home development is a fantastic choice for investors and those who want to improve their living standards. In the current period, the management wants to provide additional chances and residence options, such as resort living, farmhouse living, and more.

Commercial plots will be available, as well as other retail possibilities, to fulfil the investment needs of potential buyers. It is an ideal community, with all plots accessible at competitive and affordable pricing. The method is smart and environmentally friendly.

This master-planned community has a lot to offer to consumers who want to get the most out of their money. The prices are currently acceptable for all homes, but as the development progresses, the value of plots will rise as well. In MIVIDA Islamabad, anyone can acquire their selected plot with a 3.5-year easy payment plan. This area’s fantastic position, clever technical development, sustainable construction ideas, and modern facilities make it one of Pakistan’s most prestigious properties. Plots are available in the following sizes, with a much more appealing payment plan!

The society has plots ranging in size from 5.5 Marla to 8 Marla, 10 Marla to 14 Marla.

The price of a 5.5 Marla plot is PKR 1,449,000, with 14 quarterly instalments of PKR 75,000.
The price of an 8 Marla plot is PKR 1,999,000, with 14 quarterly instalments of PKR 100,000.
The price of a 10 Marla plot is PKR 2,399,000, with 14 quarterly instalments of PKR 125,000.
The price of a 14 Marla plot is PKR 2,999,000, with 14 quarterly instalments of PKR 150,000.
The price of a 20 Marla property is PKR 4,449,000, with 14 quarterly instalments of PKR 215,000.
The price of a 40 Marla plot is PKR 8,499,000, with 14 quarterly instalments of PKR 425,000.

Plan for the Project
This housing project is part of Islamabad’s master-planned smart city development. The MEINHARDT GROUP is focused on urban development, sustainable ideas, and innovative architectural and infrastructure solutions.

The company wants to design a cutting-edge development with cutting-edge technology. The gigantic project spans about 7,000 kanal of land and is strategically placed on Islamabad’s Chakri Road. This thriving living environment is surrounded by rich green landscapes in this dynamic, smart, and safe housing design. Measuring at such an innovative location would be a source of great pleasure and comfort.

The project is situated in the heart of Islamabad’s beautiful hills and surroundings. For people who want to live a high-quality life, a vivid and unique environment offers up new possibilities of living. The active components within the Mivida to construct the master-planned community include society’s own IT park, educational complexes, health care institutions, retail options, neighbourhood Markaz, sports community, and active commercial core area.

Developers Mivida Islamabad is a collaboration between the renowned Khanial Builders and Mivida Developments PVT Ltd. The creators hope to create an extraordinary living community that provides people with a smart, sustainable, and digital environment through outstanding collaboration.
High-level specialists, experts, and engineers are present in both business groups, with the ability to meet the advanced planning requirements.
The society is intended to be constructed on innovations and digital technology in order to deliver a wise lifestyle to you and future generations. Both development groups have already ruled out a number of large projects.

Features and Services
Mivida City is quickly becoming one of Islamabad’s most popular real estate complexes. The concept is built on the principles of luxury, innovation, sustainability, and exclusivity. By joining this housing project, you will benefit from a suitable living environment as well as increased investment returns.

A big number of people are flocking to this neighbourhood in order to obtain the lifestyle and home of their dreams. While living here, you will always feel protected and supported. At a fair cost, the best urbanisation and contemporary infrastructure are offered.

Here are a few of the unique characteristics that this megadevelopment has to offer its residents and investors.

Main Boulevard with a Dynamic Community Design
Effective Town Structure in a Smart and Sustainable City
a private gated community
Time limit: 24 hours Security System using Intelligence
Shopping Mall on the Boundary Wall
a private gated community
Plants for Solar Energy
Parks in the Community
Hospitals in the Community
The Grand Mosque of the Community
Filtration plants for water
Roads with carpets
The Gymnasium of the Community


Eye-Catching Landscapes at the Community’s Graveyard Water Treatment Plant
Trees of the Sun
Ribbons and Green Belts
There are 9 holes in total. Restaurants and Cafes on Golf Courses
Commercial Sector of Sports Complexes
Roads that are clean and wide
Sources of Renewable Energy
Street Lights with LEDs

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