Mivida Islamabad Payment Plan

Mivida Housing Scheme (Mivida Housing Scheme) Islamabad is Pakistan’s first eco-sustainable metropolis, boasting a variety of unique amenities and features. It is a project with a wonderfully green and fresh atmosphere that provides its occupants with a high-standard modern and pleasant lifestyle.

Mivida Islamabad is a new housing community that offers residential and commercial plots as well as resort-style living with a variety of amenities. It is a major construction in the Capital City, drawing end-users as well as investors. This society is also well-planned, with the goal of providing 100 percent eco-sustainable and opulent housing investments for today’s generation and future generations. For more information on Mivida Pakistan, go to INFO.

Mivida Housing Scheme Developers
It’s a Khanial Homes block. Khanial Builder Private Limited collaborated with Mivida Developments Private Limited on this project.

Mivida Islamabad’s Master Plan

It is a masterfully constructed housing society with a plethora of amenities. Indeed, this civilization has the most promising and livable master plan of the contemporary era, which includes all wanted and promised amenities in a grand framework of services.

This project consists of architectural elements that serve multiple purposes. It is spatially connected to nearby locations and is easily accessible via a variety of routes. In addition, the following communities are planned in Mivida Islamabad:

Both a resort and a golf community are available.

Both an ECO and an Entertainment Community

Mix and match with the community.

Both the medical and educational communities are affected.

Both the retail and sports communities have a strong presence.

Mivida Islamabad’s Eco-Friendly Features
Water Consumption is Reduced

Solar farms, windmills, and bio plants are all examples of renewable energy.

Passive Cooling Method for Bio-domes

Wastewater Recycling with Biofilters

Waste management centralised, recycling centres, and bins

Water Treatment Plants as well as Water Conservation (WTP)

Wastewater Treatment Plants as well as Wastewater Recycling (WWTP)

Rainwater Collection Ponds and Aqueduct Recharger Ponds

Infrastructure for Stormwater Management

Housing Infrastructure Greywater Management

Strategies for Long-Term Landscape Preservation

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Surveillance and security system are two of Mivida City’s smartest features.

System for metering and monitoring

Charging Stations and Smart Charging Points for Electric Vehicles

System for Garbage Collection

In addition, there is a Smart Fire/Hazard Safety System.

Air Pollution Control

Portals for residents as well as platforms

System of street lighting as well as traffic management

Finding in an Ingenious Way

Parking and the Grid

Mivida Housing Scheme Property Types
The best is on offer at Mivida Islamabad:
Plots for both residential and commercial use

Modern Business Areas (Corporate and Retail)

Resort living as well as chalet living

Apartments in both low and high rises are also available.

Both luxury villas and organic farms are available.

Payment Plan for Mivida City Islamabad
Mivida Islamabad is currently offering the greatest residential plots at affordable prices. Furthermore, all of these plots are available on a 3.5-year payment plan.


Plot SizeTotal PriceBooking and Confirmation (same amount)14 Quarterly InstallmentsOn Possession
5. 5 Marla1,499,000150,00075,000149,000
8 Marla1,999,000200,000100,000199,000
10 Marla2,399,000225,000125,000199,000
14 Marla2,999,000300,000150,000299,000
20 Marla4,499,000500,000215,000489,000
40 Marla8,499,000850,000425,000849,000

Note: If you pay in full, you will receive a 10% discount, and if you pay in half, you will receive a 5% discount.

Mivida’s facilities Housing Scheme in Islamabad
This project will necessitate the construction of broad, green-carpeted roads.

Hospitals, clinics, and wellness centres that are state-of-the-art

University, Medical College, and Educational Complexes are all fully operational.

Furthermore, Each Neighborhood Has Its Own One-Stop Markaz

Public utility offices, banks, a fire station, and a shuttle bus station are all located in this area.

Playgrounds, parks, mosques, and multi-purpose halls are all examples of public spaces.

Organic Markets, Retail Stores, Restaurants, and Cafés

Clubs, Gymnasiums, Sports Complexes, and Cricket Grounds are all available.

Cinemas, gaming zones, and Aquaria are all available.

Overall, Mivida Islamabad is a complete and ideal package for anyone looking to purchase property in Pakistan for modern and comfortable living. There are a large number of properties available, as well as introductory costs. Furthermore, these residences can be purchased with low monthly payments. So, if you’re interested, don’t hold off any longer.

Mivida Islamabad is, indeed, providing you with a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity!

Mivida City Islamabad Housing Scheme Overview
This is a brand-new initiative. It will be the most successful project in Pakistan’s capital. Take a look at the project’s forecast.


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